Actor Dylan O’Brien attends the Giffoni Film Festival Photocall on July 21, 2014

Actor Dylan O’Brien attends the Giffoni Film Festival Photocall on July 21, 2014

I want to enjoy m y l i f e again.

GtKM Meme: [5/5] favorite movies » The Virgin Suicides (1999)

"In the end we had pieces of the puzzle, but no matter how we put them together, gaps remained. Oddly shaped emptiness mapped by what surrounded them, like countries we couldn’t name. What lingered after them was not life, but the most trivial list of mundane facts. A clock ticking on the wall, a room dim at noon, the *outrageousness* of a human being thinking only of herself."

Earlier tonight when we were digging in trying to find grand’s ring to give it to Andy, Violet was like “I don’t need a ring to prove to the world that you’re mine” and all I kept thinking was ‘Jesus, please, sweet baby Jesus, put that ring on Holly’s finger, before it winds up on Violet’s’.

"It’s nice to be called a heart-throb – I’m not complaining – but I don’t see myself as being good-looking. There’s something intrinsically fetishistic about the big screen, with all those huge close-ups. It’s strange looking at anyone that size.” (x)

"It’s not a matter of choosing. Lydia is his first love, they have a strong connection, and Malia is very sweet. I don’t know, I’ll say both."

Dylan on Malia or Lydia @ giffoni film festival on 7.21.14 [x]

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Dear Diary,
That’s the thing with diares,they’re like movies,they’re just stories,filled with the things I saw and the things I felt.But when I look around,I see that everyone’s the protagonist of their own story.And the thing about stories is that not all of them have a happy ending.But some do.


"You know the real reason why you’re scared? It’s ‘cause you wanna be with me too."
A Walk To Remember (2002) x